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How to use WP Post Views

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use Docker To use this Plugin setup. (Not Compulasory)

   $ git clone https://github.com/vanpariyar/wp-post-views.git
   $ cd wp-post-views
   $ docker-compose up -d

Goto : localhost:9999/


Live URL: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-post-views/

This is the simple plugin that counts the views of the your wordpress website and store the views in the database

For this repository i would like to give full credits to AnkitaTanti.

Contribution is highly appriciated.

For contribution make the saperate branch.

NOTE : Make sure we are Developing the Plugin.πŸ˜… Please Don’t upload Whole wordpress setup.


  • We have option to show views count in the post coloumn.
  • (You can disable this)All views are filterd with IP address. To just make sure get right count -Support for the Custom post type by selecting menually in settings.


  1. Upload the plugin in to your wp-content > Plugins folder
  2. You can change plugin settings in Admin panel > Settings > Wp Post View Settings
  3. There are some options are by default selected for you but you can Change it.

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