Featured image of post Got a chance to teach Art & Craft small kids

Got a chance to teach Art & Craft small kids

Taught paper camara for Art & Craft small kids

In this blog I am going to share my teaching experience with you.

How we get chance to teach art and craft?

My wife and Me used to visit Swaminarayan Gurukul Nikol. We get to know that they are having a residential summer camp for 5 days. We approach them that we want to volunteer there.

After Some days they allocated time for us.

What kids learned in summer camp ?

There were many activities in the summer camp

  • Habit to get up early morning.
  • They do prayer after morning routine.
  • They also got learning from many mentors.
  • And Many more….

Kids Doing Morning Prayer


We started thinking that what we can teach to kids. So they can easily understand. We thought many ideas but we also have to manage with small budget. So we decided to Teach how to make paper camera 📸 and Goggles 🥽.

Got more hands working with us

We did asked about count of students for the summer camp, There was 70 to 80 students in the hall. SO we teach paper camera to all of the volunteers.

By doing this volunteers can help us to teach group of students.

Volunteers Teaching Kids

After learning

All team leaders divided students into a group of specific kids let say 8 to 10 per group. Turns out it was nice idea to teach leaders so they can teach kids easily and our effort reduced very much.

Kids also engaged with leaders to make camera. It was executed as well.

Plan B

For plan B we decided to make goggles if kids complete paper camera early. As we completed on time we do not have to execute this plan B.


It went well 😀 Mostly students complete craft assignments. they also like to make camara from the paper.

Final Outcome of Learning

Summer Camp - Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul Nikol Gurukul

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