How Create NPM Package With Scoped @organization


Today we will learn how to create a NPM package like this

I was wondering how I can make my own package in the javascript and publish it to the NPM registry ? πŸ€”.

So I found the below step that you can easily register your NPM package with your scoped. πŸͺ” ( This is Lamp in India πŸ’‘ πŸ˜„) Like if you see @angular/package-name

Requirements πŸ’―

  • Node.js installed
  • git installed
  • NPM account for publishing package.


Let’s start the development now.

mkdir text-manipulation
cd text-manipulation
Npm login

After npm login enter your username, password, email

npm init --scope=@my-org 
// OR
 npm init --scope=@my-username

Now you will have the prompt that you need to answer for your package. Like the Package version, Github Repo etc.

Now open index.js in your preferred editor. Then write your code in the file. πŸ–Š

Add .gitignore to ignore node_modules

# .gitignore


Then if you have a public account you need to add this parameter with the npm publish command.

npm publish --access public


Nice, πŸŽ‰ You have published your first NPM package.

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